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RCS strives to stay current with the technologies available to manage roofing assets. In addition to our RSDM® Database System, we have an online web portal for clients to have access to all of their completed inspection reports, drawings, roof repair / replacement documents, project bid results and roof system warranties.

Our clients have access to all documentation, reports and electronic files related to their specific roofing projects. Log-in requires appropriate User ID and Passwords to ensure that all files and client information remain secure.

This site provides a summary of all roof area square footage and budget information entered into the RSDM® system. The site updates daily and keep all information regarding roof repair and replacement budgeting current. All of the information can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file. It is a valuable tool to track maintenance repair and roof replacement needs. You are also able to preview and print various graphs based on the filtered data selected by the user.

Please clink this link to access our Roof Replacement and Repair Web Report Delivery System log in. If you have not already received a user name and password, please email or Kim West: to have one provided.

Another area where RCS utilizes current technology is in our full-time quality control reporting. Our QC inspectors have tablets with them on the rooftop while they are inspecting. They enter their inspection information and photographs directly into a reporting system through the tablet. The reports can then be generated from the online program and delivered electronically. Building Owners, the Architect and the Contractor can receive a copy of the roof inspector’s daily report within 24 hours.

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