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Over 1074 Years of Roofing Experience

With more than 1074 years of combined roofing experience, our principals, project managers, technicians and support staff have the extensive roofing knowledge and administrative skills needed to provide consistently accurate information and recommendations about all types of roof systems.

Registered Roof Professionals

RCS has a Registered Roof Consultant (RRC) and multiple Registered Roof Observers (RRO) on staff. These registrations are through the International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants, and are maintained each year by continuing education efforts.

RCS Resumes

Please review our resumes at your convenience and do not hesitate to contact our office with any specific questions that you may have.

NameTitleYears of ExperienceResume / Email
William Sanders President / CEO 40 View / Email
Dale F. Moore Executive Vice President of Operations 45 View / Email
Daniel Sanders, Jr. Vice President of Sales 16 View / Email
Jonathan Grant, IV Vice President of Operations 23 View / Email
Brian M. Jones Senior Project Designer 33 View / Email
Kimberly S. West Corporate Secretary / HR Director 7 View / Email
Amy Treakle Junior Project Manager 8 View / Email
Dean Bazaco Senior Project Manager 41 View / Email
Benny Spiller Assistant VP of Operations, RSBM 31 View / Email
Richard Carter Senior Project Designer 28 View / Email
Shannon Moore Administrative Assistant 6 View / Email
William C. Jones Senior Report Writer / Project Manager 19 View / Email
Don Elliott Report Writer / Field Inspector 4 View / Email
James A. Rilee Report Writer / Field Inspector 35 View / Email
Arick Malcom Report Writer 6 View / Email
Stephen D. Murphy Senior Quality Control Inspector 43 View / Email
DeAnna Grant Report Writer / Administrative Assistant 3 View / Email
Christopher W. Rainey Senior Quality Control Inspector 36 View / Email
David A. Tomlin Senior Quality Control Inspector 54 View / Email
Michael A. Oley Senior Quality Control Inspector 39 View / Email
Andre Henry Quality Control Inspector 24 View / Email
Darlene Sanders Quality Control Inspector 5 View / Email
Joseph C. Liberatore Quality Control Inspector 45 View / Email
Samuel C. Treakle Senior AutoCAD Draftsman 9 View / Email
Keith A. Hall Quality Control Inspector 43 View / Email
James E Mathews Quality Control Inspector 49 View / Email
Domenic Louis Scott Quality Control Inspector 24 View / Email
Wiliam Payne Quality Control Inspector 38 View / Email
Sebastian Oley Quality Control Inspector 4 View / Email
Randy Kyle Quality Control Inspector 24 View / Email
Stonewall C. Kellum Quality Control Inspector 18 View / Email
Christopher Trahan Senior Field Inspector 7 View / Email
Robert B. Pennington Senior Field Inspector 16 View / Email
Paul George Senior Field Inspector 38 View / Email
Efren Villeda Senior Field Inspector 30 View / Email
Christopher F. Moore Senior Field Inspector 16 View / Email
James P. Mancinone Senior Field Inspector 38 View / Email
Alan Huskey Senior Field Inspector 33 View / Email
Timothy R. McClure Senior AutoCAD Draftsman 9 View / Email
Randall Chapman Senior AutoCAD Draftsman 25 View / Email
Kelly Gilmore AutoCad Draftsman / Quality Control Inspector 7 View / Email
Vybert McLennon AutoCAD Draftsman 8 View / Email
Christopher Shelton Senior AutoCAD Draftsman 13 View / Email
James L. Edwards Senior AutoCAD Draftsman 15 View / Email
Carlos Rafael Cancel Ortiz Field Inspector 5 View / Email
Keenard Dandridge Field Inspector 4 View / Email
Danielle Hancock Report Writer 2 View / Email
Sean Carr Field Inspector 4 View / Email
Devante Mitchell Field Inspector 4 View / Email
Total Years of Roofing Experience:1074