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Roof Maintenance Programs

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

The cost of a Visual Roof Inspection is minor when compared to the cost to replace a roof, or even portions of a roof, prematurely. In order to maximize the service life of a roof system and realize the full potential of its “Life Cycle”, we recommend this program to all building owners.

Annual Roof Inspections

We recommend annual inspections (as a minimum) for every roof system. Far too often, the cause of a roof failure is the absence of proper maintenance and inspection. Something that starts out small and very repairable when left unchecked, can turn into a very major roof problem. Periodic visual roof inspections and routine maintenance to deficient conditions can increase the long term service life of any roof assembly.
During an annual roof maintenance inspection, our qualified roof inspectors walk all roof areas while documenting all observed deficiencies with photographs, a written report and field generated roof plans.  This information can then be entered into our Roof Systems Management Database (RSDM) system which can be tracked on a regular basis.  An Autocad generated roof plan is then developed locating all deficient conditions.  Upon request, RCS will contact qualified local contractors to coordinate getting all required repairs completed.

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