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Company Profile

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Our Mission

To provide building owners with the information needed to make educated decisions to efficiently and effectively manage their roofing assets. To maintain and maximize existing roofing assets, provide documentation and direction for prolonging the useful service life of in-place roofing assemblies, and provide building owners/managers with the best possible roof system available when replacement is ultimately required.

Our Approach

Utilizing state of the art technology and years of roofing industry experience, combined with a common sense, ‘hands-on’ approach, RCS has been extremely successful in providing clients with accurate diagnoses and practical cost saving solutions to their roofing needs. We have a proven track record of showing owners how to save money by preserving existing roof assemblies where possible and providing functional, practical re-roofing options when required. It is our goal to help an Owner make the most informed, educated and economical decisions when roofing questions arise.

Over 1074 Years of Combined Roofing Experience

Our staff has over 1074 years of combined roofing experience in all facets of the industry. From roofers who worked their way through the ranks to former manufacturer’s representatives to long term roofing consultants – our staff has just about “seen it all” in the roofing industry … and that experience serves our clients well.