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Document Review & Billing Services

Let RCS Be Your “Second Set of Eyes”

RCS can review your roof project documents to ensure that they meet industry and manufacturer’s standards. There are hundreds of roofing systems on the market today so it is difficult to keep up with them all. Particularly if you are a design professional who is looking at other building systems as well. Our project managers can review the roof specifications and drawings to look at roofing application, detail requirements, warrantibility and overall design consistency. We can also provide quality control in the documentation and ensure a precise and consistent Scope of Work for contractors to bid on.

When it’s time to put your project out for bids, RCS can assist with distribution of the documents as well as development of an invited bidders list. As a specialty roof consulting firm, we recommend only solvent and quality roofing contractors to building owners. This helps ensure that successful project execution can be achieved. Our extensive involvement with a number of major roofing materials manufacturers allows us access to the premier roofing contractors in the country.

Making sense out of multiple bids to replace your building’s roof can be difficult, especially if the bids are not ‘apples to apples’. RCS can help you make an educated decision regarding the best option for your roofing needs. We compare the bids to the Scope of Work to help you determine which proposal best meets your budget and the specific needs of your facility.

RCS is Ready to Help Address Your Roofing Needs

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