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Forensic Investigation & Expert Witness


A significant portion of construction related litigation in the United States is due to moisture issues in the building envelope – in particular, the roofing.

Unfortunately, some roofing installations develop problems very quickly after installation, or even worse – they were not installed properly to begin with. Our project managers and field personnel can help determine the cause of an Owner’s roofing issues. RCS utilizes both non-destructive and deconstructive methods to pinpoint roofing problems. Our forensic investigation services can identify the causes of the moisture infiltration and provide clear, detailed information to document the problems and recommend corrective actions.

Our Principals Can Help with Your Litigation

RCS can also assist an Owner whose roofing related problems are heading toward or have made it into litigation. Our principals have assisted with hundreds of litigation based projects. We have experience with mediation, deposition and actual litigation. Our principals have been certified as expert witnesses in local and state proceedings.

RCS has been involved as a consultant in numerous projects involved in litigation from small local cases to national class action suits involving thousands of plaintiffs. We feel strongly about the expertise that we can provide to clients with problem projects; however, our ultimate goal is to assist Owners with developing the ‘least painful’ method of solving their roofing related problems.

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