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Project Management & Construction Administration

Managing Your Roof Project From Top to Bottom


More than meets the eye.  When you look at your completed roof system all you are seeing is the finished product.  There is much more to the installation below the surface and behind the scenes that only Project Management and Construction Administration can assure was done correctly to give you the best possible roofing installation from the ground to the roof and start to finish.

Project Management & Construction Administration

RCS can provide project management to track your roofing installation to ensure that it’s installed in
accordance with the contract documents, to troubleshoot any issue that may arise due to unforeseen conditions, and to verify that the Owner is getting the quality job that they are paying for.


RCS can review the contract documents, submittals, schedule of values, change orders, pay requests, etc. We can participate in the Pre-Construction and progress meetings and conduct the Substantial Completion and/or Final Inspection.

Whether it’s maintaining the “paper trail” or providing the “boots-on-the-roof”, RCS can help.

Our project managers can be the liaison between the Owner/Architect and the Roofing Contractor. Let our personnel help you follow your roofing project from the bottom to the top!

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