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Roof Repair & Replacement Design Documents

RCS utilizes Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Adobe software for all design projects. To serve you better, we can provide all documentation of specifications and design drawings in digital format for your records. We can also save a few trees by posting bid documents and construction administration files electronically.

RCS draws upon its years of roofing experience as well as industry resources for the design and detailing of roof repair and replacement projects. We utilize information available thru RCI (Roof Consultants Institute Inc., NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association); SPRI (Single Ply Roofing Industry), SMACNA (sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Organization), The National Slate Association; as well as other industry organizations and the various roof system manufacturers.

Accurate Roof Drawings and Details

Our Roof Plans are drawn to scale with all rooftop penetrations indicated and roof drains located. If the replacement system requires tapered insulation, the tapered system is designed and indicated in an additional plan. Detail drawings typically reflect the industry standards for the chosen roof system. Most of our details are drawn in an isometric format to provide better clarity and understanding of the installation requirements and intent.

Unique Specifications for Every Project

The Specifications are prepared to include all circumstances and requirements which may have an impact on the specific project, i.e. deck replacement, additional drainage capabilities, interior protections, etc. This approach is designed to maximize protection for the building Owner and Contractor. The ‘front end’ or general requirement sections include all the pertinent information for the general administrative requirements including project time frames. Insurance and bonding requirements, site or building limitations, payment stipulations, project close-out requirements, etc.

Our goal is to provide the building owner with a complete set of documents which clearly outlines the project logistics as well as the roof system requirements so that when bids are received, they have an ‘apples to apples’ comparison to review when making their decision.

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