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Roof Systems Database Development

Tracking Your Roof Needs Over Time

RCS has developed a management database which can track an Owner’s roofing information and help determine what the facility needs will be in the next year, the next five years or in the long range.

After RCS’s field personnel survey the roofs of your facilities, all of the information is entered into our Roof Systems Data Management (RSDM®) system – including PDF copies of the Auto CAD generated roof plans. Each building record can then be updated as periodic inspections are performed. Reports are generated with various levels of prioritization. With the building specific information and the prioritization reporting, an Owner has all the information they need to make well educated decisions regarding their roofing management and expenditures.


This information management database has been in use for over twenty years and provides accurate, consistent information. Whether you manage just a few buildings or hundreds of buildings, our database can organize, track and prioritize your roofing needs and budget requirements.

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