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Visual Roof Inspections

Save Money with Periodic Visual Inspections

Periodic visual inspections can increase the service life of a roof assembly by informing a building Owner of deficient conditions and repairs needed. If an Owner completes the identified repairs and continues a regular inspection program, they can maximize the effective roof service life and thereby reduce the roof’s life cycle costs.

Our qualified roof inspectors walk the entire roof area identifying and photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting what they find on a roof plan. The roofing expertise of our inspectors allows them to find not only the obvious roof deficiencies, but also the not-so-obvious, which could eventually cause significant problems and possibly premature failure.

A report is then generated which documents the information gathered and recommends corrective actions to the cited deficiencies and identifies required maintenance procedures to lessen further deterioration of the roof system. The report also provides estimated budgets for all of the recommended roof repairs. A roof plan is included in the report to show an owner where and how often the deficiencies occur. If requested, RCS will contact local roofing contractors and coordinate repairs that may be required.

“An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

The cost of a visual roof inspection compared to the cost to replace a roof, or portion of it, prematurely can be a very wise investment. In order to realize the maximum service life of existing roofing systems, we recommend this procedure for all building owners.

Here are just a few examples of the problems that can be spotted with a visual roof condition survey:

Open Membrane

Low Pitch Pocket Filler

Grease Contamination

Deteriorated Sealants

Deteriorated Equipment

Damaged Membrane
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